Document Authentication

Document Authentication


I. Document Authentication and FBI Non-Criminal Record Obtaining Services from Bright Education (博外教育提供代办外教学历和证书认证以及美国教师无犯罪证明申请代理服务)


Please be kindly advised that Bright Education can now provide degree/TESOL/TEFL/non-criminal record authentication services and FBI non-criminal record obtaining services at a very reasonable price. We can provide the high level authentication: China embassy authentication. We know that many teachers may be annoyed and worried because of this matter. We also hope you will bear with the Chinese government that the authentication is beneficial to its education and fair to all the teachers as well. As always, Bright Education would like to provide its excellent and professional services for you to solve your problems.  For more price and other details of the document authentication, please contact us at my wechat ID: china_myjob or email:



II. For getting FBI non-criminal record, here are the details

Below are the institeutes for you to collect your fingerprint.
(1)Institute of Forensic Science Ministry of Justice China 
Address: No. 1347 Guang Fu Lu (W)., Shanghai, China
Telephone: (021) 5235-2957
Traffic: get off at ext 3 of Longde road station of line 11/13 (the institute is about 900 meters away from the metro station), then walk to the institute or take a taxi.

(2)Shanghai Oriental Notary Public Office 

Address: No. 660, Feng Yang Rd., Shanghai, China
Telephone: (021) 6215-4848

Traffic: get off at exit 2 of West Nanjing road station of line 2/10/13  (the institue is about 400 meters away from the metro station), then walk to the institute.
You could collect your fingerprint at these 2 institutes in Shanghai, then mail it to your American home. 


III. Authenticated Document Samples