Shanghai Jobs
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Shanghai Jobs
Shanghai Jobs!

Please contact Cory at greatcory2 by wechat or by email if you are interested in any job below:

1.  (17K-25K RMB/m) International primary school English/Art/Drama/science teachers Needed now or in Feb 2018 in Pudong district, Shanghai


Locations: near Jinke road station of line 2;


Job details:

Students: grade 1 aged 6-7 years old;

Class Size:  20;

YOu need to stay on campus from 7:30am to 4:30pm MOnday to Friday;

Workload: up to 20 classes of 35 minutes per week;

breakfast and lunck provided;



1. Monthly salary (1 years contract): 17,000- 25,000RMB/m before tax;  

2.Housing provided; 

3. Paid vacation: paid winter/summer holiday;

4.Round-trip ticket to be paid;

5.Work visa provided;


Job Requirements:

-Native English Speaker;

-Bachelor's Degree or Higher;

-ESL experience, certificate preferred

-At least 2 years work experience

-3 references


2.  (18,000-22,000RMB/m net)high school literature/history teacher Needed in Feb 2018 in Pudong district, Shanghai


Location: about 3 kilometers away from Yuqiao station and Xiuyan station of line 11;

Shuttle bus from the school to the metro station.


Job Description

1. Organize and join the club, extracurricular activities.

2. Take an active part in activities;

3. Supervising students attendance in the class.

4. Tutoring and answering question from students.



1. Bachelor degree and above;

2. At least 2 years teaching experience

3. Live in Shanghai and qualified for the work visa

4. English native speakers or Europeans with good English;


Work Time:

Mon-Fir 8:00-17:00

Weekends and winter/summer holiday

Class requirements:

20 academic classed + 2 club activities per week

in charge of evening study of the class once per week from 18:00 to 20:30 (high school)


Salary and Benefits:

Basic salary standard 18,000-22,000 (refer to the teaching skill and position)

Insurance (accident insurance first year, medical insurance from the second year)


2-3weeks of winter holiday (full pay);

4 weeks of summer holiday (half pay);

Christmas, New Year holiday, Tomb sweeping festival, May Labor holiday, Dragon boat festival,

Mid autumn festival, October National holiday.

Spring/autumn field trip every year

Team-building, dine together, training, annual dinner each semester, etc.

3.  (up to 20k RMB/m, housing) High School Social science/Culture/Sociology Teacher Needed ASAP in Zhangjiang area, Pudong district, Shanghai


1. Number of positions: 1;

2. Position: Teaching 16 to 18 years old students;

3. Period: now to June 2018;

4. The number of students in a class: less than 25

5.up to  20 lessons teaching a week; 40 minutes a lesson

6. Working days: Monday to Friday;



1. Salary: 18000 to 20000 RMB/m;

2. Housing provided;

3.  Annual insurance will be purchased for you.

4.  Paid holiday: Fully paid winter holiday and other public holidays; 

5.  Return Airfare reimbursement;

6.  Work visa provided;



1.English native speaker,

2. Bachelor degree or above;

3. two-year related teaching experience. 

4. Prefer American Teacher license;


4.  (up to 18,000/m in hand, housing allowance)High School ESL Teacher  Needed in Feb 2018 in Fengxian district, Shanghai


Teaching kids aged 16-18 high school students

Starting Date:  Late Feb 2018;  



1.Monthly salary: 16,000 RMB/m-18,000 RMB/m in hand;

2.Apartment: housing provided or 2000/m housing allowance;

3.Paid vacation: paid winter holiday;

4.Round-trip ticket reimbursement;

5.Work visa provided;  



1.Contract: (Feb 2018 to Jan 2020);

2.Full time position including teaching hours: up to 20 periods of 45 minutes a week;

3.Working days: Monday to Friday;

4.The location of the schools: Fengxian district, Shanghai;

5.The number of students in a class: about 20 students;

6. Need to stay on campus from 8am to 5pm;


Position Requirements:

1. Related Bachelor Degree or above;

2.two years related teaching experiences

3.Prefer British Teachers but might accept other English native speakers with transferable work visa; 

4. Prefer teachers who are familiar with A-level and CIE curriculum;


5.  (up to 25k/m after tax13 months’ salary) Homeroom kindergarten Teachers Needed ASAP in Qingpu district, Shanghai (close to Hongqiao airport/Railway station and Panlong road station of Line 17)



1. Starting Date: ASAP

2. Students: 2-6 years old

3. Working times: 8am to 4:30pm on the weekdays

4. The location of the teaching: close to Panlong road station of line 17;

5. The number of students: less than 20;

6. One year contract.


1.  Monthly salary(13 months’ salary): 20-25k/m after tax or more depending your teaching experience and qualification;

2. A work visa (Z-visa) will be provided;

3. Paid holidays including: 2 weeks’ winter holiday and 10 days’ Christmas holiday and other public holidays. When you finish one year contract, there is also 10 day’s holiday for you.

4. Airfare reimbursement at the end of the contract;

5. Work for 12 months, but get paid for 13 months.


1. Bachelor degree or above;

2. native English speakers

3. At least 1 years teaching experience;


6.     (20,000RMB/m after tax, 2 weeks’ paid winter holiday)Homeroom Kindergarten teacher Needed  ASAP in Baoshan district, Shanghai

near Gucun park station of line 7.

Starting date: ASAP;

1. Students: 3-6 years old
2. Working times: 8am to 4:30pm from Monday to Friday;
3. The number of students: less than 20;

4.12-month’s contract;

1.  Monthly salary:  RMB 20,000/m after tax; 
2. A work visa (Z-visa) will be provided;
3. Paid public holidays and 2 weeks’ paid winter holiday;

4.Airreimbursement at the end of the contract:8000RMB

5.Accident insurance.

1. Bachelor degree or above;
2. Native English speakers; 
3. At least 2 years’ teaching experience;

4.Prefer Female; 

7.  Homeroom kindergarten teachers Needed in ASAP in Pudong district, Shanghai

Starting Date: ASAP;  

Location: Shanghai -near Xiuyan road station of line 11;

Job Description:

1. Students age: 2-6 years old;

2. Work Time: Mon-Fir 8:15-16:30;

3. Prepare lesson plans;

4. Organize and take part in different extracurricular activities.


1. Bachelor degree or above;  

2. Teaching experience preferred;

3. English native speakers

4. 120-H TESOL certificate is required (Teachers with no TESOL will be assisted to apply for it);


Salary and Benefits:

(1) 1-2 year contracts depending upon qualifications and teaching experience.

(2) Starting salary of 17,000rmb before tax. (including 3000rmb tax free subsidy)

(3) Up to 2,800rmb monthly bonuses available every month.

(4) Z Visa and Expert Certificate.

(5) Full accidental medical cover.

(6) Hot lunches every week day.

(7) End of Contract bonus of 5,000rmb.

(8) End of Contract flight bonus of 8,000rmb.

(9) Working hours 8:15 - 4:30 Monday to Friday.

(10) 1 hour lunch break.

(11) Chinese national holidays fully paid.

8.     (Weekday jobs) Public School ESL teachers wanted in Kindergarten/primary schools in November 2017 and Feb 2018 in downtown, Shanghai(18k-20K/m after tax)

Teaching kids aged 3-18

Starting Date: Late November and Feb 2018;

PS: There are no office hours as you teach more than 2 schools.


Huangpu district, Yangpu district, Zhabei district , Shanghai;


1.       Monthly salary: About RMB18000-20000RMB/m after tax;

2.       Paid vacation: public holidays (not including winter or summer holidays);

3.       Work visa provided;

4.       Airfare: RMB2000;


1.       Full time position including teaching hours: up to 22 hours a week.

2.       Teaching days: Monday to Friday; no office hours

3.       The location of the schools: central districts of Shanghai, like Huangpu District; Yangu district;

Position Requirements:

1.Bachelor degree or above;

2.One year teaching experience.  

3.Native English speaker;


9. (19500RMB/m after tax) Primary/Middle/High  School ESL teacher needed in Late Feb 2018 in Jinqiao area, Pudong district, Shanghai

Prefer  teachers who can go to the school for an interview in person!
There are up to 25 classes a week. 

Starting Date: Feb 2018; 

Locations: Jinqiao area, Pudong district, Shanghai (5 minutes walk away from Jinjing road station of line 12)

1. Monthly salary:  18,000RMB/m after tax for ESL teacher;  

2.Housing allowance: 1500RMB/m;

3.Paid vacation: paid winter holiday(10,000RMB/m); If you renew the contract at the second year, the school will offer 10,000RMB/m during the 2 months’ summer holiday;
4. Completion bonus to be paid for: up to RMB10000
5.A work visa (Z-visa) and a foreign certificate must be provided for you.

Job Requirements:
- 2 years’ full time teaching Experience; 
- English Native speakers

- Bachelor Degree;

10.(up  to 20,000/m after tax, housing)Female Training School history/literature Teacher Needed  ASAP in Huangpu district, Shanghai;  


1. Starting Date: ASAP

 Students: 13-18  years old; 

2. Workload: up to 25 teaching hours per week;

3. Working hours: Tuesday to Saturday;Working time: 9:30am to 5:30pm  

4.  The number of students: one-on-one or one-one-three

5. One year contract. 

6. Traffic: near Luban road station of line 4 and South Xizang road station of line 4/8;

Benefits Package:

1. Monthly salary: 15,000 to 20,000RMB/m after tax;

2. Shared apartment provided or 3000RMB/m housing allowance;

3. A work visa (Z-visa) will be provided;

4.  Return airfare reimbursement provided at the end of the contract;

5. Paid holiday: 10 days’ paid holiday & Other paid public holiday;

6. Great Medical Insurance;


1. Bachelor degree or above in a related subject;

2. native speakers from America, British, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand;

3. prefer good teaching experience;

4. require each candidate to teach at least 2 subjects.


11.(18K-25K RMB/m or more,housing)International primary school/high school homeroom/ESL/Art/Music/economics teachers/Principal Needed ASAP in Beijing/Ningbo, China




Homeroom Primary school positions*1;

Primary Curriculum Coordinator*1(English subjects);

ESL position*1;

Art position*1;

Music position*1;


Ningbo city, Zhejiang province:

A-level Economics position*1Chinese*Foreigner;

         Primary school principal position*1;


1. Monthly salary (2 years’ contract):teacher 18,000- 25,000RMB/m before tax; principal position: negotiable;

2.  Apartment: 3000RMB-6000RMB/m housing allowance;

3.  Relocation allowance: 5000RMB;

4.  Shipping Allowance: up to 4000RMB;

5.  Completion bonus: 5%*annual salary;

6.Paid vacation: Fully paid winter/summer holiday;

7.Round-trip ticket to be paid;

8. Fully paid winter/summer holiday;
9.Work visa provided;



1. Up to 20 class periods of  30-40 minutes per week

2. Daily Schedule 7:45 AM to 4:30 PM Monday to Friday

6.  3 weeks’ paid winter holiday + 6 weeks’ paid summer holiday;

4. Class size limit of 25

Job Requirements:
-Native English Speaker;

-Bachelor's Degree or Higher;

-ESL experience, certificate preferred

-At least 2 years work experience

-3 references

-Prefer American or British Teaching License

Please contact Cory at greatcory2 by wechat or by email if you are interested in any job above: